Your private chef in central Italy

Antipasto bietola tart
Antipasto bietola tart

What can a private chef experience offer you? For a start, you can eat at home at the hour you prefer and wearing whatever suits you. You won’t have to drive anywhere afterward, so you can match a flight of wines to your menu. You can taste dishes that you can’t find in restaurants, ever. Those are the conveniences of using a private chef to prepare your meals.

Ravioli of nettles with butter and chives

This year I can also provide the services of a wine expert if you like. Tastings, matchings, advice on purchasing are all available along with either a full meal or food planned specifically for wine tasting and matching.

Stuffed pork
Stuffed pork

As ever, only the best, only what’s in season and menus are totally custom to your needs. Meals for up to twenty people are provided as long as your have available the dishes and flatware required. There are always all courses from antipasto through dessert. Drinks are not provided.

Zabaglione and strawberries

I am not a caterer, but I can provide the food for groups who do not require waiters, staff and dishes/glasses not available in your villa.

Prices 2013

€85 per person with a €350 minimum charge. Children under six eat at no charge.
Places at a distance more than one hour from Città di Castello will be subject to a 50 euro trip charge for fuel.

Sommelier services are per the sommelier and will depend on what wines are chosen.

Make your reservation now: or phone 39(075)852-6283 in Italy.
Thank you for all you did to make Julie’s Birthday all that much more special!  I have received nothing but rave reviews on a fabulous meal (highlighted by that wonderful cake)!

 DD California

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