Learn to cook Italian

Fresh tagliatelle will dry as nests

The real thing, that is. Group lessons at your rental villa kitchen almost anywhere in central Italy. Those who are involved in a lesson pay €115  each with a minimum of €350 and those who just join us to eat pay €45. We will cook what’s in season, foods from all regions and an entire meal from antipasto to dessert.

New this year! Smaller groups of four or fewer can learn in my kitchen in the surroundings of Città di Castello in Umbria. Directions will be provided with enrollment and you will need a car. Charges at the school are €110 per person and the meals prepared are the same as above.

Printed copies of your recipes are provided and/or emailed to you when you get home.

Phone: (075) 852-6283

Accommodations can also be arranged at Casa San Martino or in nearby B&Bs or hotels.

Fan letters!

A Kitchen in Umbria
My sojurn to Italy was a long time coming and after a couple of false starts, I finally made it to this magical place. I had decided I didn’t want the typical Under the Tuscan Sun jaunt that people seemed to have done ad nauseum, which is why I was so excited when I came across Judith’s website. She does not disappoint – I’m convinced she’s got a little magic coming out of that kitchen of hers that she somehow managed to sneak into my luggage. Not only have I been able to successfully re-create the dishes she taught me, but I’ve been riding the high of just spending time one on one with a lady with some amazing experiences who was kind enough to open her home and kitchen to me and share a glimpse into this amazing life she has in Umbria with this food that is not to be believed. I especially appreciated the trip to the town market and what turned out to be a marathon cooking session. Judith ensured I had a good feel for what treasures could be found in Cittá di Castelo and how simple high quality ingredients could be turned into delicious meals without a whole lot of fuss – the essence of Umbrian cooking. I truly enjoyed our time together and can’t wait to go back and cook some more!! – JC, N. CA

WE just got home last night – Thank you so much for a wonderful day – we all had such a nice time and it was one of our favorite days of the trip. Thanks again. The whole trip was fantastic and the weather was perfect.
We are already craving your food – so when you get a chance, please send me the recipes.

SH Florida

“Judith, I am still talking about our dinners with you in Chiusi a couple of weeks ago…it now seems like months. You made lots of wonderful dishes, but truthfully the one I can’t get out of my mind/taste memories, is the simple pasta dish with lemon. Is that recipe available online or do you send it out? You really helped to make our trip quite memorable. Thanks so very much!”

SJ California

“It was great meeting you and thank you for all your help and assistance, and tuition on our holiday.
We have just arrived home and already Jeanne is getting ready to practise some of your dishes
We really enjoyed our time there with you. Hope we can visit you again, some day soon.”

MA Melbourne, Australia

Where the heck is that?
Our city, Città di Castello, is represented on several websites including this one.
Città di Castello is a mere thirty minutes north of Perugia and is connected by trains and buses. The nearest airport is at Perugia (PEG) but one can also use airports at Rome, Florence, Pisa, Bologna, Forlì and Ancona.

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